Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blog Tour Review of THE THIRD DAY Graphic Novel by Alex Webb-Peploe

Title: The Third Day: The Gospel of Luke 22-24
Author: Alex Webb-Peploe with text taken from the Gospel of Luke
Publisher: The Good Book Company
What It's About: The Third Day is a graphic novel representation of the death and resurrection of Jesus as communicated by Luke in his gospel. It's designed to have a very contemporary graphic novel feel while being faithful to the text.
Why I Read It: I love graphic novels and visual storytelling in general. I thought a graphic novel representation like this sounded interesting.
What I Liked About It: The book does look and feel like a graphic novel, and in that way it gives you another way of experiencing the biblical text by seeing what it might have looked like. The book does a great job of just taking text from the gospel. The story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus is one of my favorites, and that was very well done. The only negative I saw was the graphic novel was so fast-paced that it felt rushed at times with a lack of solid transitions from one scene or event to the next. However, this is a minor critique. Overall, I thought this was a great graphic novel and great for the Easter season. I look forward to any future graphical representations of the biblical text.

Review copy provided by The Good Book Company courtesy of Cross Focused Reviews
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