Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Title: The Most Encouraging Book on Hell Ever
Author: Thor Ramsey
Publisher: Cruciform Press
What It's About: The Most Encouraging Book on Hell Ever is a book that takes a light-hearted yet serious approach to the topic of hell. It seeks to show that the reality of hell makes sense and is actually evidence for God's love.
Why I Read It: Who wouldn't read a book that claimed to be an encouraging book about hell?
What I Liked About It: What's great about this book is that Thor Ramsey is a comedian and he makes you laugh at times throughout the book. You can tell he cares greatly about what is communicated about God and what has been misunderstood about God because of the concept of hell. Ramsey's light-hearted yet serious approach to the topic makes it a book that promises to be encouraging, but I don't think all people will find it as encouraging as it claims to be. I agree with much of what Ramsey communicates about what we lose when we reject the concept of hell. I think God takes sin very serious and that there are serious consequences for rejecting God. 

The book takes a very Calvinistic approach, however, and because I don't agree with Calvinism, I found that aspect of this book to be rather discouraging rather than encouraging. And while I don't buy into annihilationism for many of the reasons Ramsey points out, I don't think it can be as quickly dismissed as he makes it out to be. 

Overall, it's a good read and much can be learned from it, but I don't think anyone will ever be able to write an encouraging book on hell. Hell by its very nature is discouraging, and Ramsey's book does well to point to the encouraging message of Jesus as the way out of eternal separation from God.

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