Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review of THE FINAL DAYS OF JESUS by Andreas Kostenberger & Justin Taylor

Title: The Final Days of Jesus
Author: Andreas Kostenberger & Justin Taylor
Publisher: Crossway
What It's About: The Final Days of Jesus is basically a scriptural walk-through of the last week of Jesus' life, presented in chronological order.
Why I Read It: I've enjoyed the writing of Andreas Kostenberger in the past, and I've been following Justin Taylor's blog for awhile. The book looked interesting in that it focuses specifically on Jesus' final days before crucifixion.
What I Liked About It: I was expecting more of a theological look at the last days of Jesus, but the book is more of a chronological reader's guide to the scriptural text of Jesus' final week. Though the format is good, I was a little disappointed because I was expecting something else. Nonetheless, the book is a helpful look at the key passages leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. The book itself has the relevant Scripture texts printed with Kostenberger and Taylor providing commentary throughout. The book works well as a devotional reading book leading up to Easter. The introduction is helpful in giving some important information about the Gospels. The key differences between this book and just picking up a Bible and reading are that this book organizes the Bible passages in chronological order and the commentary that's provided in addition to the text.

Review copy provided by Crossway Books through their Beyond the Page program
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