Saturday, February 1, 2014


Title: Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars
Author: Stephen Miller
Publisher: Moody Publishers
What It's About: Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars is about getting those who lead music in the church to closely examine their motivations for leading worship.
Why I Read It: I used to be a worship leader, so I was interested in what this book had to say. I think what Stephen Miller describes in this book can be a major battle for those who lead worship music in a church. I've struggled at times with what he describes. I also think much of what Miller talks about in the book applies to Christian creatives in general when it comes to who we are and who we're ultimately creating for.
What I Liked About It: The book is based on a heart to see people pursue God above fame. It's about caring what God thinks about us. I think this is a good book for worship leaders because it wrestles with a common struggle. I don't know of any other book like it. I like how the book is structured around the different facets of a worship leader's identity. I especially like the chapters on being storytellers and artists. I think this a great book for worship leaders and for other types of creatives who identify themselves as followers of Jesus.
What I Didn't Like About It: I think the book could have possibly been better titled. I worry it may give people the idea that being an artist who performs for people is a bad thing in itself. I do think the book itself clarifies the idea, though.
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