Friday, February 14, 2014

Blog Tour Review of MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION by David Robertson

Title: Magnificent Obsession
Author: David Robertson
Publisher: Christian Focus Publications
What It's About: As a response to the arguments of New Atheists, Magnificent Obsession is written as a series of letters that reveal what Jesus is really like and what following him actually looks like.
Why I Read It: I love books that make a careful and reasonable defense of Christianity. This one is unique in that it responds to a host of atheist publications that actually make little argument about God, but instead about people and religious institutions.
What I Liked About It: The format of letters to an imaginary reader named J make this book feel very conversational. I think this is good because people are rarely convinced by arguments. Thought-provoking conversations with people whom we feel we can relate tend to be much more effective. It reminds me a little of Greg Boyd's book Letters from a Skeptic. Robertson has a conversation in which he makes much of Jesus, but also shows Christianity to be reasonable. This is a unique approach to apologetics because it focuses on what living for Jesus is like in an attempt to convince someone to embrace following him.
What I Didn't Like About It: It's a well-done book. Nothing really jumps out at me as something I didn't like about the book.
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