Monday, January 6, 2014

Review of TEACHERPRENEURS by Barry Barnett, Ann Byrd, and Alan Wielder

Title: Teacherpreneurs

Author: Barnett Barry, Ann Byrd, Alan Wielder

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

What It's About: Teacherpreneurs is about classroom teachers taking a more active role in education reform. It's about them doing what they can to develop ideas that will better educate students and aim for their success.

What I Liked About It: This is a book for teachers who are deeply invested in the state of education. It's for those who see what's wrong and have ideas on what could improve it. It's aimed at the type of teacher who is very much a leader, and it focuses their leadership strengths on going above and beyond merely teaching in their classroom. I think this is a really good book because it's about teachers being innovators in education, focused on improving the success of the students in every classroom. While I think what's outlined in this book can be difficult, the authors give clear strategies for facing resistance and being smart about approaching the role of being a new brand of teacher. I think this is a great book for new teachers and veterans alike.

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