Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review of THE ADAM QUEST by Tim Stafford

The battle between faith and science has been raging for a long time, and there are many different theories on how the whole concept of scientific discovery relates to the biblical account of God creating the world. In Tim Stafford's new book THE ADAM QUEST, he seeks to to explore some of these theories more in depth. He does this by interviewing eleven scientists. 

These scientists represent young earth creationists, intelligent design proponents, and theistic evolutionists. Obviously, they don't all agree on how science relates to faith, but all of them believe in the God of the Bible. It's an interesting book. It's not one that provides definitive answers, but it does provide some insight into the conversation. I personally tend to lean toward the intelligent design movement with the understanding that the intelligent designer is God, but I do find the other two perspectives interesting. Also interesting is the catalyst that moved Stafford to look deeper into this in the first place.

While this book won't leave anybody with a clear answer to the debate, it's a good conversation-starter, and it will give readers some knowledge into the different perspectives. I'd recommend it to anyone who wrestles with this issue.

Review copy provided by Thomas Nelson through BookSneeze

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