Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review of THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS edited by Bodie Hodge

THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS edited by Bodie Hodge is a book that seeks to get people back to what is true about Christmas, including the origination of the use of X-Mas over Christmas. The book features several essays about the elements of Christmas. The essays explore the virgin birth, where the Christmas holiday originated, and why December 25 is likely not when Jesus was really born.

The book interesting in the way that it explores what Christmas is about and where it came from. I don't really like the warfare metaphor of the book, but I understand where the authors are coming from. I think the essay on Santa Claus could have been better. Parents wrestle with what to do with it, but I think it's a little more complex than lying to children. It is a story we're telling to engage the imagination, but the wrestling has to be with whether or not utilizing the story is sinful deception and how we frame the story. The naughty and nice list, for example, is obviously the opposite of how the gospel works, so my wife and I eliminate that part of the story.

Overall, THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS is an interesting book to read during the holiday season.

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