Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Review of A WALK ONE WINTER NIGHT by Al Andrews

A WALK ONE WINTER NIGHT by Al Andrews is a short tale about a man's wrestling with the meaning and atmosphere of the Christmas season. It's a story about a man so frustrated by disappointment that he takes a walk one night and encounters a nativity scene. At first glance, it's just a regular nativity scene, but then everything changes, and the man is faced with a truth bigger than can be captured in the scene before him.

I love the Christmas season, and this book just feels like Christmas. It's a short book, and the colors of Christmas are splashed onto the pages throughout in a really beautiful way. The story is simple, but profound. I love the way the author forces us to look past the baggage that we often place upon Christmas to see what the first Christmas really was about. Mary, Joseph, and Jesus have much to teach us through their experience, and Andrews brings that out through this book.

The book won't take long to read, and it is one that is both encouraging and challenging. I highly recommend this little book for the Christmas season.

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