Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Review of RISKY GOSPEL by Owen Strachan

What stops us from taking risks in our pursuit of the Christian life? In his new book RISKY GOSPEL, Owen Strachan says that we stand in our own way, lacking the faith to follow God into whatever risk he calls us to. And it's not about being ultra radical in our walk with Jesus. It's about following Jesus in the places we find ourselves. It's things like leading our family as followers if Jesus and engaging our work with a heart of faith. It's having the courage to live boldly for Jesus wherever we go.

Strachan's book is good in the way that it challenges us to pursue Jesus wholeheartedly and the way Strachan relates personal stories throughout. It's clear he loves Jesus and wants others to as well. I'm finding a lot of encouragement from this book, and I think other Christians will also.

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