Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review of EVANGELICAL THEOLOGY by Michael Bird

There's no lack of systemic theology textbooks in the evangelical world, so why add a new one? With the recent resurgence in the last few years of a focus on being gospel-centered, Michael Bird's new systematic theology text EVANGELICAL THEOLOGY seems almost inevitable.

Bird covers theology from both a biblical and systematic perspective, and finds the unity of the Bible's story line and core message to be the gospel. That being the case, Bird delves into the core of the gospel, drawing from the Bible's overall narrative and communicating why a gospel-centered approach to theology is important.

The book is broken up into eight sections, and it is without doubt centered on the gospel, beginning with "The God of the Gospel" and finishing with "The Community of the Gospelized." All the important concepts you will find in a systematic theology are covered, though organized a little differently to fit the organizational paradigm Bird has built the book around.

The book includes plenty of illustrations and discussion questions throughout to get believers thinking deeper and drawing closer to the God of the gospel. A unique feature to this book that you won't find in other systematic theology books is Bird's use of humor throughout. It's a refreshing approach to what can sometimes feel like a dry subject.

As with any systematic theology, you probably won't agree with Bird on every point, but he'll get you thinking on the areas you find yourself in disagreement. EVANGELICAL THEOLOGY is a truly gospel-centered biblical and systematic theology that will be beneficial to any believer.

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