Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review of A NEGLECTED GRACE by Jason Helopoulos

My wife and I have three children under age five. We've been followers of Jesus for a long time, and we want to raise our children to know and love Jesus. A NEGLECTED GRACE by Jason Helopoulos is a book designed to help parents with one particular aspect of raising children to know and love Jesus: family worship. 

Family worship in the home isn't something we've practiced yet, simply because our children have been quite young, but I picked up this book because my children are getting older and my oldest is starting to ask spiritual questions. I want to lead my home well, and Helopoulos' book provides encouragement for seeing family worship as wonderful gift of God's grace to us. We may fail, and things might not always go well, but this can be a time where a family seeks intimacy with God together. 

It's a short book and one that I want to put into practice. It's a great resource for parents who want God's best for their children.

Review copy provided by Christian Focus

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