Sunday, November 17, 2013

Review of CALLED TO STAY by Caleb Breakey

A Christian church can be one of the most dysfunctional places to be in the world. Many Christians have been wounded by those inside the church. The easiest thing to do is leave. Research shows that many in the Millennial generation have done just that.

Researchers have been putting out book after book, trying to describe the reasons why the Millennials are leaving and how to get them back, but Caleb Breakey offers a unique voice aimed at those who have left. Breakey asks people to consider that, despite a church's dysfunction, God might be calling them to stay in their church for a very specific purpose.

CALLED TO STAY is about believers being infiltrators of the deep and transforming love of Jesus in the church's that have either wounded them or frustrated them by their lack of focus and intentionality toward the outward mission of Jesus.

Infiltration is about recognizing the flaws and sometimes deep dysfunctions in a church and humbly using the truth of Scripture and the love of Jesus to combat it. It's about choosing to love the church because Jesus loves the church. Infiltrators realize their own flaws, but are committed to loving Jesus and want to see more for his church.

Breakey gives all the biblical reasons why God would be calling people to stay in their church instead of leaving. He gives a picture of what an infiltrator looks like and the steps to take to be one. Most refreshing is what Breakey shares about his own journey. I'm a Millenial myself, and I've experienced some of the deep frustration that a church full of imperfect people can cause. I've also felt the frustration of being one of those flawed people and feeling like I couldn't change anything.

Breakey's book is an encouraging read and a deeply challenging call to be more for our churches than what we often are. I can't recommend this book enough to anyone who wants to see a biblical picture of the church and its individual members become a beautiful reality.

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